Final Testnet before Mainnet Launch of Tangle Network (v0.6.1)

Final Testnet before Mainnet Launch of Tangle Network (v0.6.1)

Validators, especially leaderboard participants, should stop their old validator and start a new one. Use the same accounts to maintain the continuity of your points on the leaderboard.

We are thrilled to announce the latest and final version of our testnet before the launch of our mainnet, planned for Winter (Q1) of 2024. This significant update introduces numerous enhancements and new features that solidify our blockchain's capabilities, security, and efficiency. Below are some of the key improvements and additions:

  1. Enhanced Staking Mechanisms: We've introduced Validator re-staking, enabling more flexibility and efficiency in our staking processes for multi-party computation (MPC) services. This allows validators to re-stake their rewards, optimizing their earning potential for providing privacy services.
  2. Consensus is now ready for mainnet: The latest version changes the consensus system from AURA to BABE. This enables Randomized Block Production, a clear boost to security.
  3. Enhanced Security and Verification: We've added new security measures including slashing for MPC-participating validators. Like block production, these features enhance the network by ensuring validators act in the best interest of the network and by verifying the integrity of multi-party computation tasks.

We are confident that these enhancements, and many more which you can view on GitHub, will pave the way for a successful mainnet launch.

Actions Required for Node Operators & Validators