Validator Onboard FAQ

Webb-supported Validator onboards are currently on pause due to massive interest. Use our form to get added to the waitlist.

How can I launch a node?

See our documentation, launching a node is permissionless but requires tTNT.

Node Operator Quickstart – Webb
Participate in the Webb ecosystem by deploying a Tangle node, to validate, serve data or more.

Where can I get testnet TNT (tTNT)?

Use the faucet to obtain 3 tTNT per pull.

Tangle Network Faucet
Receive Test Tokens on Devnet and Testnet supported by Tangle Network and Webb Protocol for development and experimental purposes.

How much stake do I need to participate?

You need enough to execute the transactions for setting up your accounts, the Faucet should provide enough to launch your node. More stake will place you in the active set as determined by the phragmen algorithm, but this is not necessary on testnet, see the next question. In our guides, setting your identity up is optional but recommended if you intend to validate and obtain nominations.

My node is live but is not in the active set ('Waiting'), what do I need to do?

Nothing. This means your node is setup correctly. The active set starts small and will expand to eventually include all working nodes. This is to ensure network stability. Everyone will get a chance to to test their setup fully and contribute.

How are nodes selected to participate in the active set?

In short, by stake, but the real answer is validators are elected through the 'Phragmen' algorithm which ensure security, by maximing the total amount at stake, maximizing the stake behind the minimally staked validator, and minimizing the variance of the stake in the set.

Is Tangle Network currently in Testnet? When is Mainnet?

Yes, we are currently in testnet. Mainnet is scheduled for early 2024.

Where can I get further support?

See our community channels.