Tangle Network completes Substrate Builders Program with achievement of M3

Tangle Network completes Substrate Builders Program with achievement of M3

Webb is thrilled to announce that we have successfully achieved Milestone 3 of the Substrate Builders Program. This achievement is the capstone the builders program, and shows our commitment to delivering advanced privacy tools for the Substrate ecosystem and affirms our proficiency in Substrate development.

The Substrate Builders Program is an initiative by Parity Technologies and provides support and guidance to teams building Substrate-based blockchains, applications, or components. Passing Milestone 3 indicates that Tangle Network  has not only met but exceeded the program's high standards for code quality, testing coverage, documentation, and overall project maturity.

In the review for Milestone 3, the Substrate Builders team praised the project's progress, stating that our work continues to show a high level of Substrate proficiency and successfully merges Substrate with advanced privacy tools. The Substrate team also highlighted our extensive testing coverage and updated documentation as key strengths.

One point of improvement was identified with a newly added extrinsic, where the same key and value were used for the storage items in the benchmarking test. Our team is already working on resolving this minor issue, and we appreciate the thoroughness of the Substrate Builders team's review.

We are particularly proud that all the action items identified in the Milestone 2 review have been successfully addressed, reflecting our team's dedication to continuous improvement and learning. Reviewer @hbulgarini commended our team's work, noting that "the code reflects a team very experienced with Substrate development."

Webb Tools would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to the Substrate Builders Program for their support and insightful feedback. We are excited to continue advancing our mission of bringing advanced privacy tools to the Substrate ecosystem.

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