Tangle Network Release: v0.2.4

Tangle Network Release: v0.2.4

Over the last few months, Tangle Network underwent several updates. These improvements focused on fine-tuning the blockchain's operational parameters such as session period and block time, refining default cryptographic elements, addressing library linking issues, and adjusting authority balances. Moreover, there were revisions to streamline the startup process, enhance the clarity of the Chainspec documentation, and upgrade the crucial Distributed Key Generation feature for enhanced security and performance.

See the specifics below:

  1. Session Period and Block Time Updated (May 5, 2023) - Adjustments were made to the blockchain's timing mechanisms, such as the session period and block time, which dictate the duration of a session in the consensus algorithm and the frequency of new block addition to the blockchain respectively.
  2. Default Leaf Value and Verifying Keys Updated (May 11, 2023) - The preset values used in the leaf nodes of the blockchain's Merkle tree structure and the keys utilized for verification processes were updated.
  3. Libgmp Linking Issue Resolved (May 29, 2023) - An issue preventing libgmp, a library for arbitrary precision arithmetic, from linking properly was fixed.
  4. Authority Balance Fixed (Jun 5, 2023) - A problem with the balance of an authority, a crucial role in Substrate's consensus algorithm, was corrected.
  5. Mixer Removed from Startup (Jun 16, 2023) - The Mixer, a component of the application, was removed from the startup process, likely streamlining the startup routine.
  6. Chainspec Documentation Updated (Jun 16, 2023) - The Chainspec documentation was refreshed, providing updated details about the chain's specification including network-level settings, genesis block, and runtime code.
  7. DKG Updated to v0.2.4 (Jul 6, 2023) - The Distributed Key Generation (DKG), an essential security feature of the blockchain, was updated to version 0.2.4. This update likely brings about enhancements to the DKG's capabilities and performance.

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Release Release v0.2.4 · webb-tools/tangle
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